Ullania Date

Dating Ulania in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Going out on dates is an optional feature present in 7th Dragon 2020, 7th Dragon 2020-II and 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. As the name suggests, dating events allows the player to have short social (and implied romantic) dialogue with certain characters, including current party members.


Dating becomes available after the player has built some kind of lounge/bar floor using Dz. It is there the player can call NPCs or party members to hang out. The current party leader is the character that will be paired up, regardless of gender or species. In all games the pair will proceed by spending time together and exchanging dialogue, before fading to darkness with the chosen partner's voice expressing their reaction. A system narration appears in the end, telling the player that the two had a fun time.

In Code: VFD, party members will develop affection to each other depending on how much time they spend together during combat. It is shown by a certain number of heart images, viewable when talking to the bartender. Different affection levels will change the voice responses of the party members during date sequences.

In 2020 and 2020-II, dating is mostly seen as a bonus feature and has no impact in gameplay, but in Code: VFD, dating does unlock powerful items and short character development.


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  • In 2020, when Aytel is selected as a dating partner, she says "残念、無理よ。" (Too bad, it's impossible.) in rejection to the player's possible interest to her, alluding how she is already taken by Takehaya.
  • In 2020, Rin will react shyly by letting out a embarrassed squeal, implying the player's romantic advances on her behind the scenes.
  • In Code: VFD, every NPCs' expression at the end can be interpreted as a sexual innuendo, but that is up to the player to decide.