Dragonsbane is a flower species that arrived and bloomed throughout the dragon's invasion of Earth. It has made most environments uninhabitable due to its toxic nature to humans and has mutated other living creatures on Earth into hostile creatures. The flowers are able to grow on almost any surface area, including seas, snow and concrete buildings.


7th DragonEdit

After the prologue of 7th Dragon, Dragonsbane start spreading rapidly all over Eden in the span of 3 years.

7th Dragon 2020Edit

7th Dragon 2020-IIEdit

7th Dragon III Code: VFDEdit

After driving off the dragons 80 years past 2020 and 2020-II, the effects of Dragonsbane still continues to plague humanity. It has spread a deadly sickness called Dragon Sickness, spreading poisonous dragon miasma through the veins, and acts as a common cold at early stages. There is no cure for it, but Professor Nagumo managed to create a serum that halts the progress of the sickness using True Dragon specimens. It is later revealed that Dragon Sickness is not in fact a sickness but a stimulant that exponentially raises growth. Those who can not handle the dragon's power will die.

In Code: VFD, Dragonsbane appears in different forms with different toxicity. They appear in three different colors:

  • Red: the typical form of Dragonsbane.
  • Blue: a more toxic and potent version of Dragonsbane, affecting more people. It is affiliated with the True Dragon Hypnos and summoned by Emel. Stepping on these for too long will hurt even Unit 13.
  • Pink: the 'true' and most deadly type of Dragonsbane, summoned by ND. It kills anyone who isn't a Dragon Hunter.


A shared feature across all games is that after clearing an area from dragons (including bosses), the Dragonsbane will disappear. Note that in Code: VFD, some dragons are quest-tied and do not appear until you do them.

7th DragonEdit

  • When you step two times on a Dragonsbane (they're 2x2 panels big) they will disappear and you will lose 2% of your LIFE. You can prevent the loss of LIFE with the Knight skill Walk Safe or use a consumable.
  • Some Dragonsbane however won't disappear by just 2 steps. If it takes 8 steps for them to disappear your characters will gain 1% EXP. If it takes 12 steps, 2% EXP will be gained. These will cap at max EXP and will leave leave you with 1 EXP to level up. If it takes 20 steps, will encounter a Dragonsbane Seed. It will try to run away as fast as possible so it is recommended to either use EX or the Rogue skill Replace First. If you manage to defeat it you will gain 50% EXP and level you up if you are have over 51% EXP.
  • Resting in inns or sleeping at your bed will cause Dragonsbane to slowly repopulate in the world map. If you sleep too many times Dragonsbane will regrow in dungeons that still have dragons left, respawning killed dragons. It is also possible, although rare, for this to happen to areas already cleared of Dragonsbane.
  • Dragonsbane also affects the local economy. At the shops menu you can see a parameter that shows how much the price has raised from 100% to x%. You can lower the price by clearing Dragonsbane that's surrounding the town.
  • After you have cleared all Dragonsbane in Eden (including dungeons) you will receive the Empress Crown (エンプレスクラウン). 

7th Dragon 2020 and onwardEdit

After 7th Dragon 2020, Dragonsbane does not pose a threat gameplay-wise and acts more of an obstacle with some Dragons creating a flower wall.

In 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, blue Dragonsbane deals small amount of damage to the player when stepped for too long.