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Masters of the zodiac of war. These reapers wield scythes, and manipulate the shadow of death to create various effects on the field. They can inflict insidious status ailments on their foes, and follow up with lethal damage to enemies they’ve impaired. However, their low defense and LIFE make them fragile units, so exercise caution.
— Website description.

"An astrologer of the battlefield", Fortuner is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. It is based on the past timeline and available from Chapter 2 after reaching Lower Ward Cladeon.

Fortuner can be seen as the successor of the Princess class from 7th Dragon, since they both focus on stat enhancements and status ailments.


Fortuners are one of the fastest party members, capable of utilizing ailments to shut down enemies before they can move, before doing increased damage to enemies suffering from ailments. On top of this, they provide some very useful support skills in the form of defensive buffs, regenerating health, and occasional revival or ailment-cleansing. However, they are also the most fragile of classes, with the lowest LF and defenses, so party support is needed to improve their chances of survival.


Fortuners are easily one of the best party members to take along while traversing a dungeon. Revelation: Sleep is the best Revelation skill for cleaning up random encounters as it can prevent enemies from acting, effectively buying you free turns. Bear in mind that as you pour skill points into each Revelation skill (except Death), at level 3 or higher the skill has the capability of hitting all enemies as opposed to just one, turning them into great crowd control tools. If your party is strong enough to regularly defeat enemies and even minor Dragons in 2 turns, Grace of the Stars gives a tremendous boon to SP earned from the fight. Mana Float is also excellent if you plan on having your other party members unleash expensive skills to burst down the opposition.

While bosses will prove rather resilient against ailments, this is where the rest of the Fortuner's skill repertoire shines. Dynamic Negate can take out a lot of bite from many bosses' regular attacks, while Forest Poetry and Moonlight Poetry can extend the party's stamina without taking too many turns off the Fortuner. Since bosses are more susceptible to Burn, Freeze, and Bleed, in addition to the many means of inflicting the ailment, an investment in Oracle of Power can allow the Fortuner to contribute to damage output from time to time. Their EX skill is an incredible failsafe - once you unlock it, it would be best to avoid Exhausting the Fortuner in case of the need for emergency healing.

Naturally, invest in LIFE Bonus to remedy the Fortuner's low base LF.

In inactive teams, the Fortuner has a very potent assist skill, which revives all fallen party members in the 1st team with 1 LF. This, however, is compounded with a very long charge time of 4 turns, longer than all other classes. If you intend to use this, remember to place the Fortuner as the leftmost party member so that their revival will always go first and the revived members can enjoy the other buffs supplied by the rest of the party.

Recommended party members:

  • Any party member who can draw enmity towards themselves reduces the chance of the Fortuner being targeted. Rune-Knights are a popular choice for this role, though Samurai and God-Hands can do similar jobs.
  • The Destructive Sweep skill of the Samurai can weaken the ailment resistance of its targets, allowing a Fortuner to better land their own ailments. Power Bolt Drop is still a reliable source of Bleed to open up Oracle of Power synergy.
  • The Banisher's Clap Trap is a pretty reliable means of inflicting Burn on enemies, opening up exploitation of Oracle of Power.


1st TierEdit

  • LIFE Bonus: Bonus to max LF.
  • MANA Bonus: Bonus to max MN.
  • Revelation: Sleep: Damage/Sleep: one.
  • Revelation: Bleed: Damage/Bleed: one.
  • Oracle of Spirit: Drain any with Sleep/Curse/Blind/Paralyze/Downer.
  • Oracle of Power: Drain any with Bleed/Poison/Burn/Freeze.
  • Dynamic Negate: Physical damage taken . 3 turns. Instant.
  • Mana Float: Skills do not consume MN this turn: all allies.
  • Forest Poetry: Restore LF: all allies. 4 turns. 
  • Moonlight Poetry: Restore MN: all allies. 4 turns.

2nd TierEdit

  • Revelation: Blind: Damage/Blind: one.
  • Revelation: Poison: Damage/Poison: one.
  • Gift For You: Transfer own ailments to one enemy.
  • Magic Negate: Magic damage taken . 3 turns. Instant.
  • Ichor: At turn end, revive all fallen allies.
  • Grace of the Sun: Auto. Restore party MN at turn end.
  • Grace of the Moon: Auto. Cure ally ailments.
  • Following React: Chance of +1 turn if ally React triggers. 4 turns.

3rd TierEdit

  • Revelation: Curse Damage/Curse: one.
  • Revelation: Death Damage/Instakill: one.
  • Sacrifice: High damage: all. User is lost from battle.
  • Grace of the Stars: Auto. 1.5x SP if victorious in 2 turns.
  • Yggdrasil's Wind: EX Skill. Revive/restore LF/cure: all allies.



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