The world's shield? If we are the shield of the world, then you are surely its sword. You always win and come back alive. A shield without a sword... Is not a safeguard.
— Griff in 7th Dragon.

Griff (グリフ, Gurifu) is a young knight serving the queen of Miross.


A sharp young man. His job is to protect the Queen, but he's a little indulgent. By the way, his hair is straight like that with no work at all. Between him and the Queen, I'm jealous...
Arietta's intel.


In the game he will give you Knight EX skills Ultima Guard (アルテマガード) and Ultima Parry (アルテマパリング) after the mission "Operation: Recapture Kazan! (カザン奪還作戦)" is active.