Kazan Republic in 7th Dragon.

The most dynamic nation is the Kazan Republic. It's so new that its culture is still of a hodgepodge. On one hand, it's a hotspot for Hunter guilds and training, but also ordinary people. Many such people are opening up stalls. I guess I'm one too, huh?
Arietta's intel.

Kazan Republic (カザン共和国) is a country in the eastern continent of Eden. It lies west to Mylos and the two countries are connected by a bridge in the world map.


7th DragonEdit

The Republic of Kazan is the newest nation in Eden. According to a female historian in Preloma, Kazan was built on the will of the legendary Hunter Dohris Agot. In its short history before the invasion the nation has produced strong Hunters such as the "Guild", whom later became known to be the one to successfully slain dragons.

Unlike the rest of the city-state countries, Kazan was invaded by the Emperor Dragon forcing it's inhabitants to abandon the city and stayed in Mylos as refugees. Although the guild attempted to fight the Dragon, they were at the time was outmatched with only Doris manage to save them at the cost of his own life.

3 years later the guild return to Kazan to liberate it from the Dragons and slain the Emperor Dragon, whom still badly shape after it's fight with Doris.

7th Dragon III Code: VFDEdit

In Code: VFD, True Dragon activity was spotted in the future. Because of the intervention of the downfall of Atlantis, a mysterious ruin now lies in the city of Kazan. This ruin is revealed to be Ladyin, and on top of the ruin is the True Dragon Haze.

Places with InterestEdit

7th DragonEdit

  • Ces (セス) is the closest portal of Kazan. The portal lies south-east of the country.
  • The inn located in Kazan is The Six Swords Pavilion's Travelers Inn (旅の宿 六剣亭). It cost 7G to sleep.
  • Ikasu Pharmacy (イカス治療院) is the treatment located in the inn.
  • Parakka Weapons (パラッカ武器店), Black Llama Sundries (雑貨屋 黒リャマ) and Travelers Dining Bento (弁当屋 旅人食堂) are the shops in Kazan.
  • Other places of interest are Kazan Palace, the Guild, the player's House (after Operation: Recapture Kazan! (カザン奪還作戦)) and the Mission & Quest Office.

7th Dragon III Code: VFDEdit

Hidden ItemsEdit


  • There is 4G inside the yellow pot in front of the House.
  • There is 11G inside the yellow pot next to the the inn, behind the Man-about-town.
  • In the rightmost chest inside the House, there is a Paro Fruit.
  • In the leftmost chest inside the house, there is 50G.
  • After recapturing Kazan, the Relaxing Lucier in the inn will give a Somanel.
  • The Sorting Man will give a Heal Aerosol at some point at the eastmost house after recapturing Kazan.
  • The Sorting Man will give a Boltstorm Scroll at some point at the eastmost house.
  • After defeating Haze, the Relaxing Lucier at the inn will give a Miracle Medicine, a Silver Water and a Hypno Crystal.
  • After defeating Haze, the Aizhen Noble at the inn will give 5000G.
  • After defeating Haze, a Regular at the bar will give Somanel.
  • After defeating Haze, Rowdy Johnny will give a Conqueror Axe.


  • There is a Dirty Handkerchief inside the yellow pot behind the gear shop.
  • There is a Chipped Sword inside a chest, inside the leftmost house to the right. Rowdy Johnny will threaten the player.
  • There is a Worn-out Whip inside a chest, inside the leftmost house to the right. Rowdy Eliza will threaten the player.
  • There is a Lovely Compact inside a chest, inside the middle house among the left houses. The Intimidating Man says it is an important part of a collection.
  • In the middle chest inside the House, there is a Real Estate Pamphlet.


  • The statue at the center of the city is Remus, a presidential horse.