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A caster that causes supernatural phenomena. They are versatile magic specialists, with mastery of both elemental force and healing spells to soothe their allies — making them a valuable asset in battle. However, their defense is quite low, so keep them out of direct danger.
— Website description.

"A magician attuned to the power in all things", Mage is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. It is based on future timeline and unlocked in Chapter 4.


Mages are the quintessential caster class in the game. With powerful spells on hand and unparalleled healing ability, the Mage lends a great edge to parties both offensively and defensively.


The Mage is by far the best healing class in the game. Level their Cure past level 4 so that it can heal the entire party, and level their Recover to maximum so that it can cleanse the entire party of all ailments for free. While Cure may be weaker when healing multiple party members at first, continued investment in it will also greatly improve its group healing strength to the point where it can bring the entire team back from the brink of death. This makes them a staple for the active party.

Their offensive spells are no slouch, either. They may not have the same kind of raw damage demonstrated by the Rune-Knight or Duelist, but being able to hit with any of the three elements on demand can work favorably in striking enemy weaknesses. The group attacks are significantly less powerful but are meant for crowd control and widespread distribution of the elemental ailments. Mage's Consent is a powerful charge skill that can greatly amplify their damage output - fantastic when used in conjunction with a skill like Magic Bullet, and devastating if used on their EX Skill.

Defensively, the Mage also has Shieldcraft which sets up a LF buffer that can help them absorb hits so they don't die as easily - an important feat for the best healer of the game. On top of that, Dead Man's React is one of the longest-lasting React skills that grants the Mage an extra turn if an ally dies, allowing them an extra opportunity to revive their fallen teammate and bring them back into the fight with a Cure on the next turn.


1st TierEdit

  • LIFE Bonus: Bonus to max LF.
  • MANA Bonus: Bonus to max MN.
  • Flame: Fire damage to one target, may burn.
  • Volcano: Fire damage to all enemies, may burn.
  • Flame Veil: Places a buff on an ally that counters enemy attacks with fire damage that may burn.
  • Freeze: Ice damage to one target, may freeze.
  • Blizzard: Ice damage to all enemies, may freeze.
  • Freeze Veil: Places a buff on an ally that counters enemy attacks with ice damage that may freeze.
  • Shock: Elec damage to one target, may paralyze.
  • Volt Storm: Elec damage to all enemies, may paralyze.
  • Shock Veil: Places a buff on an ally that counters enemy attacks with elec damage that may paralyze.
  • Shieldcraft: Creates a shield for the Mage that protects against damage.
  • Cure: Heals one ally.
  • Recover: Removes Poison, Blind, and Paralyze from an ally.
  • Resurrect: Revives a fallen ally.
  • MANA Restore: Auto. May recover MN at turn's end.
  • Dead Man's React: For 4 turns, if an ally dies, the Mage gets an extra turn.

3rd TierEdit

  • Mana Bullet: Very high magic damage to one target.
  • Heaven's Press: Magic damage to one target, may cause bleed.
  • Mage's Consent: Greatly increases the strength of the Mage's next magic attack.
  • MANA Burn: Auto. May inflict magic damage at turn's end.
  • End of the World: EX Skill - Massive magic damage to all enemies, may cause bleed and paralysis.


Trivia Edit

  • Female Mage A-1, named Azerin, is a playable character in the 7th Dragon III demo.


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