The South Sea Amazons of the Marlleaire Islands. Men may not enter. To marry a man, you must leave the country. Still, population is steady thanks to worldwide emigration. Princesses are from around here; singing is a national pastime.
Arietta's intel.

Marlleaire Islands (マレアイア群島国) is a tropical archipelago in the southwest of Eden. It is a country made only for women.

The native language of Marllearie is Marllero.


7th DragonEdit

A book in Pleroma reveals that men used to live in Marlleaire but could not wield the power of song, thus only women remained. It is hinted at the end that this might not be true.

If the player has not visited Marlleaire and spoken to the Queen before the World Pact mission, a representative will ask for aid in the meeting in Preloma. The High Dragon Dreadnought has infested the Marlleaire God Tower, and they ask the player to defeat it.

After defeating Dreadnought, Queen Stace thank the player and allow the player to come and go freely in their country. Sandra, who was against this, stormed off before the player spoke to the Queen. Queen Stace proceeds to explain Sandra's actions: like many women in Marlleaire, Sandra despises men for the abuse they have done to her. Marlleaire is meant to be a sanctuary for women and will always be so, but because of the dragon's invasion, the Queen decide its best for to open the country's borders to men in order to overcome this challenge.

Places with InterestEdit

  • Closest portal: Fel (フェル). It is found way east of Marllearie.
  • Inn: Last Edge of the South's Travel Pavillion (旅亭 最南端). Cost 18G to sleep.
  • Treatment: Umino Pharmacy (ウミノ治療院).
  • Shops: South Sea Admiral Weapons, (武器屋 南海大将) Aqua Tools (道具屋 アクア) and Seo Cat Bento Dinning (弁当屋 海猫食堂).
  • Other: Marlleaire Castle and Quest Office (in the castle).

The Ocean Bead of Oblivion (忘却の海玉) is only sold in Marllearie.

Hidden ItemsEdit


  • In the pot next to the house in the east, there is 1000G.
  • In the house to the east, there is 30G inside one of the pots.
  • In the big house to the southwest, there is a Bandage on the shelf.
  • An unlimited amount of Paro Fruit can be taken from the basket of fruits in the inn.
  • In the warehouse of Marlleaire Castle, there is 900G in a pot.
  • In the warehouse of Marlleaire Castle, there is a Roman Flute in a sack.
  • In the throne room of Marlleaire Castle, there is a hidden path to the right that leads to a chest containing a Roman Necklace.
  • After exterminating Dreadnought, speak to the Shellfish Girl to obtain a Sapphio.
  • Near the end of the game, speak to the Seagazing Woman to obtain a Cold Regulator.
  • Near the end of the game, speak to the Veteran Maid to obtain a Buffalo Meat.


  • In the warehouse of Marlleaire Castle, Nail Polish is in a pot.