Nagamimi is a character in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. She serves as your navigator, along with Mio Nagumo.

Information Edit

Name: Nagamimi

Japanese Name: ナガミミ

Status: Alive (Both worlds)

Gender: Female (confirmed in-game)

First Appearance: 7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Last Appearance: Nyadens Crisis

Game Voice Actor: Yu Kobayashi

Drama CD Voice Actor: Yu Kobayashi

History Edit

Please be aware of spoilers!

Nagamimi is known as the mascot of Nodens Enterprises. She's also Unit 13's Navigator. She may look cute, but will spit out invective words towards anyone she interacts with. An example is when Unit 13 begins to rescue Atlantis refugees; Nagamimi reluctantly allows it, but tells the protagonist that the blame will fall to her if she is chastised for it.

Her world was destroyed by Dragons, just like Emel and Aytel's. But unlike them, she does not have any magical powers.

She accompanies Unit 13 throughout the game, helping out Unit 13 with the "Dragon Chronicle". After losing everything, Nagamimi joins Unit 13 in the final dungeon, acting as the Navigator for the rest of the game.

In the rebuilt world, Nagamimi is a human. Also, Nagamimi remembers Unit 13's deeds, as well as Mio's.