Knowledge is gathered in the Heretic City Preloma. The researchers here study difficult topics, day and night, over and over and over. Their technology is way past that of other nations. I say it's super weird. But, the rest of us aren't doing that well, are we...
Arietta's intel.

Preloma, Scholar City (異端の学都プレロマ) is a futuristic town on a island south of Eden.


7th DragonEdit

Preloma's first Chief Scholar was Naa Kratinzo. The current one is Emel. A Doubtful Woman in Preloma Tower commented how Emel has been the Chief Scholar since she was a child, and how her appearance has not changed much.

7th Dragon III Code: VFDEdit

Places with InterestEdit

7th DragonEdit

  • Closest portal: Fel (フェル). It is in the world map west of Pleroma.
  • Inn: Temporary Healing Place (癒しの仮眠所). Cost 15G to sleep.
  • Treatment: Dekil Pharmacy (デキル治療院).
  • Shops: Place to get Equipment (装備品取扱所), Place to get Items (雑貨取扱所) and Skill Dojo (スキル道場).
  • Other: Pleroma Tower, house south west of Pleroma and Quest Office (in Pleroma Tower).

Hidden ItemsEdit


  • There is a Mana Water inside a pot in the inn.
  • In the Preloma Tower, there is a Charge Regulator at one of the bookshelves in the 4th floor to the right.
  • In storage room, there is 800G inside a pot at the back of the room.


  • In the storage room, there is a Broken Model inside a chest.