The Starry Site is an observatory south of Preloma.


7th DragonEdit

According to a book about the history of the Starry Site, it is not known what the purpose of the site was when it was first built. It is commented that it must have been beautiful when it was new.

Places and People with InterestEdit

  • Observant Researcher: Located on the second floor in front of the telescope, she can report the player the current status of Dragonsbane around major nations.
  • Psychic Grandma: Located on the right room of the second floor, the Psychic Grandma can give hints to current quests.

Hidden ItemsEdit


  • Inside a pot on the first floor, there is Mana Water.
  • Inside a chest on the second floor, there is a Bloom Regulator.


  • Inside a chest on the second floor, there are a pair of Round Glasses.